What is Molecular Yoga?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure myself yet.  At the moment it’s just a catchy phrase. It’s a tagline I’ll use to capture people’s imagination and to help make both Biochemistry and Materials Science accessible to all readers.  In a few years I hope to define the term more clearly.  At it’s most basic I want to change the way in which we think about how biomolecules form bonds.  We tend to think of molecules as these static pieces that fit together in the “easiest” way possible, what scientists would call the “lowest energy state”.  Despite this fact, we also know that even the smallest of molecules can stretch and fit together in more difficult ways or “higher energy states”.  The transition between high to low energy states is dictated by something called Kinetics.  I believe we can take advantage of kinetics to reprogram biomolecules like Antibodies to make things that are impossible in our nature where lowest energy states are, sometimes, too rapidly obtained.  If you’re a student or a colleague of mine please look back on this at the initial, vague first step down our research path.  Whether we’re at the point where we’re strolling or sprinting I hope we are always ready to look for new roads on this travel!




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