Equilibrium of Augmented Reality (AR) Games

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post about an interesting current topic, the rise of Augmented Reality (AR) games.  These are games primarily supported on mobile platforms that require players to move about the world and find things (ex locations, small fictional creatures.)  Last week a very popular game was released and has boomed to millions of player almost overnight.  I think that there is some equilibrium that will be reached very shortly, however.  An equilibrium in chemistry, which I’ve talked about before, is essentially a situation where the potential of going from reaction state A to reaction state B, or the “driving forces” is equal (in most normal cases).  If we think about these AR games there are going to be numerous players who sign up in a short period of time because they are interested and the game is free.  There are driving forces against continuing to play, however.  The game will 1) eventually cost money and 2) become less interesting and more repetitive.  So eventually many players will drop out of the game.  There should be some equilibrium wherein the total number of players stays constant.  This could very well be only one person or it could be zero people!  You might very well think of many fads this way!


Just a quick post today as well!  Have a good day!






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